3 Ways to Help Your Customers Avoid Contact Center IVR Hell! June 25, 2020 by Marketing Under: Caller Elected Callback, Customer Experience, IVR, Blog

We’ve shared just how critical a well-tuned IVR system is. After all, your customers consider your inbound contact center to be as much a representative of your organization as your storefront or.

Call Center Metrics: Is Your IVR Contributing to a Better Customer Experience? April 16, 2020 by Marketing Under: Customer Service, Call Center Metrics, Customer Experience, IVR, Blog

When your customers contact you for support, sales or other purposes, what’s their experience like? Do you have a system in place for measuring your customer experience? Tracking contact center.

Deliver Cohesive Business Results in your Contact Center November 25, 2019 by Marketing Under: Cohesive Solutions, Blog, Niche Solutions, Contact Center

A primary issue when integrating multiple channels and services in your contact center is creating a seamless, cohesive solution. Today we are able to create and implement an extensive, all-in-one.

Optimizing Your Contact Center Performance October 16, 2019 by Marketing Under: Optimize, AI, Blog, Contact Center

A primary issue when integrating multiple channels and services in your Contact Center is creating a seamless, cohesive solution.  Utilizing the services of expert, advanced IT partners is strongly.

How to Achieve the Ultimate User Experience September 06, 2019 by Marketing Under: User Experience, IVR, Blog, Contact Center

User Experience Design (UX) is more than an interface on an application. UX is intended to design and develop clear, efficient, user-friendly interactions between customers and companies through a.

Calculating the Business Value of Migrating to the Cloud August 28, 2019 by Marketing Under: Cloud Migration, Blog, Contact Center

When it comes to a cloud migration, it's important to first define value. Migrating to the cloud takes time and money: the ultimate benefits to the organization's bottom line must be quantified for.

Transforming the Contact Center Experience With AI July 12, 2019 by Marketing Under: AI, Transformation, Blog, Contact Center

Contact centers of all sizes are challenged from many different angles today.  Customers call in expecting immediate service and engagement for their issues. Contact center agents want support from.

Digital Collaboration and Content Sharing in Your Contact Center June 11, 2019 by Marketing Under: Collaboration, Content Sharing, Blog

Imagine discussing an issue with a Contact Center agent and instead of trying to verbally describe what’s happening in excruciating detail, you are able to share screens and easily see the solution.

Proactive Outbound Notifications in your Contact Center April 17, 2019 by Marketing Under: CX, UX, Blog, outbound notification, Contact Center

Providing a great customer experience through your contact center goes a long way towards building loyalty to your brand. Satisfying this need takes more than ramping up staffing or adding more.

Keep your contact center safe with PCI secure payment February 19, 2019 by Marketing Under: PCI Secure Payment, Blog, Contact Center

Contact center administrators have two masters to answer to when it comes to maintaining a secure credit card environment: the companies that issue the cards and customers who are rightly nervous.

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