Supporting Your Agents and Customers Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis March 17, 2020 by Cynthia Stryker Under: Cloud, Caller Elected Callback, Remote Workforce, Blog

Organizations around the globe are struggling to manage the rapid influx of customer outreach resulting from COVID-19. While the immediate impact is heavily focused around the healthcare and travel.

Google Dialogflow – capturing numbers with voice March 04, 2020 by Mike Hentges Under: Google Dialogflow, Voice, AI, Blog

Google’s Dialogflow environment is a great place to build natural-language understanding applications that automate both text-based (chatbot) and voice-based interactions. All of the voice-enabled AI.

Don't Hold, Get a Call Back! Caller Elected Callback in Your Contact Center January 29, 2020 by Donna Penwell Under: Abandon Rate, Caller Elected Callback, Blog, Contact Center

Empower your callers with an option to receive a call back rather than wait on hold until an agent is free to talk to them.  75% of customers now choose to leave their phone number and receive a.

Contact Center Self Service and the Customer Experience January 16, 2020 by Donna Penwell Under: AI, Blog, Customer Experiemce, Contact Center

Automating parts of your Contact Center tasks are at the top of the list when considering how to transform your business.  AI fueled self-service options help to improve internal productivity, the.

Supply Relevant, Personalized Information with Outbound Notifications December 19, 2019 by Donna Penwell Under: oubound notification, notification campaign, Blog, Contact Center

Offering the best possible customer experience requires more than staffing a contact center and waiting for calls to arrive. Increasingly, customers expect to be contacted proactively with the.

Deliver Cohesive Business Results in your Contact Center November 25, 2019 by Marketing Under: Cohesive Solutions, Blog, Niche Solutions, Contact Center

A primary issue when integrating multiple channels and services in your contact center is creating a seamless, cohesive solution. Today we are able to create and implement an extensive, all-in-one.

Proactive Change - Good for the User Experience October 31, 2019 by Donna Penwell Under: Customer Experience, proactive change, Blog

Remaining complacent during this time of disruptive change in customer experience is not the best way to sustain your business’s success and vitality.  Out of date back office systems and processes.

Optimizing Your Contact Center Performance October 16, 2019 by Marketing Under: Optimize, AI, Blog, Contact Center

A primary issue when integrating multiple channels and services in your Contact Center is creating a seamless, cohesive solution.  Utilizing the services of expert, advanced IT partners is strongly.

Consider Digital Transformation in Your Contact Center September 23, 2019 by Donna Penwell Under: Cloud Migration, Digital Transformation, Blog, Contact Center

As a business is envisioning the move of their contact center to the cloud, it makes sense to look beyond the cloud migration itself and consider how supplementary digital applications can be added.

How to Achieve the Ultimate User Experience September 06, 2019 by Marketing Under: User Experience, IVR, Blog, Contact Center

User Experience Design (UX) is more than an interface on an application. UX is intended to design and develop clear, efficient, user-friendly interactions between customers and companies through a.

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