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Should I replace or repair my voice IVR Evaluate your IVR by asking these 4 questions February 11, 2021 by Cynthia Stryker Under: Customer Experience, IVR

Customers develop a perception of your brand based on their experience with your IVR.  Your IVR is one of the many faces of your brand and a significant component of your customer experience..

Engaging with Customers Seamlessly October 22, 2020 by Cynthia Stryker Under: Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, multi-channel, omni-channel

The world as we have known has definitely changed a lot this year, and with these changes also came new challenges for businesses seeking to engage with their customers across, in many case, new.

3 Ways to Help Your Customers Avoid Contact Center IVR Hell! June 25, 2020 by Marketing Under: Caller Elected Callback, Customer Experience, IVR, Blog

We’ve shared just how critical a well-tuned IVR system is. After all, your customers consider your inbound contact center to be as much a representative of your organization as your storefront or.

Call Center Metrics: Is Your IVR Contributing to a Better Customer Experience? April 16, 2020 by Marketing Under: Customer Service, Call Center Metrics, Customer Experience, IVR, Blog

When your customers contact you for support, sales or other purposes, what’s their experience like? Do you have a system in place for measuring your customer experience? Tracking contact center.

Proactive Change - Good for the User Experience October 31, 2019 by Donna Penwell Under: Customer Experience, proactive change, Blog

Remaining complacent during this time of disruptive change in customer experience is not the best way to sustain your business’s success and vitality.  Out of date back office systems and processes.

Consulting is dead. May 06, 2019 by Kevin Maas Under: Consulting, Customer Experience, Blog

When people hear the term “consultant” in a meeting, some laugh. Some cringe. Some might even roll their eyes. I freely admit I used to be one of those people. Maybe it’s the classic problem: “My.

Some Pointers You Can Use to Enhance the Customer Experience January 04, 2019 by Marketing Under: Seasonal Surges, Customer Experience, Analytics, IVR, Blog, Chatbots, Contact Center

Serving customers across numerous channels in contact centers with innovative solutions are readily available. Retail businesses often face a variety of challenges, like high call volumes, massive.

Modernizing the CX in Your Contact Center September 28, 2018 by Marketing Under: Customer Experience, Blog, Contact Center, Modern Customer Experience

If you have not updated the way that you do business in your Contact Center recently, then you likely are not providing a modern customer experience.   Ensuring that you are delivering an experience.

How The Callback Option Can Improve Your Contact Center Performance July 13, 2018 by Donna Penwell Under: Customer Experience, Blog, Contact Center, Callback

Businesses spend millions marketing their products trying to satisfy existing customers and gain new ones.  A great Customer Experience is at the top of the list when looking at ways to develop.

Increase ROI in Your Contact Center with Artificial Intelligence June 20, 2018 by Marketing Under: ROI, Customer Experience, Blog, Contact Center, Artificial Intelligence

Contact centers must streamline operations in order to remain competitive in the modern business landscape. Artificial intelligence has the ability to do this in ways that a strictly human team.

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